There used to be a time I was overly concerned with curating quality content that would satisfy my followers. But with time I realized that this blog became more an obligation to maintain and less an actual hobby. I will admit that I no longer have the time nor heart to maintain this blog with the same fervor as when I started. 

Thus, Dawnlight will be officially deactivated from today. I will not delete this blog, because it still serves as a collective journal of inspiration for me, and also a reminder of how I have grown since it was created in 2010. I will miss the little snippets of thoughts that litter the blog, like post-its outlining much of my teenage life. I will miss the insane preoccupation with finding the perfect theme and learning basic HTML so that I can edit the code. I will miss the countless sleepless nights scrolling through my dashboard finding the best posts to share.

But real life is calling and I am compelled to answer.

Goodbye my Tumblr self.


Is it strange that I don’t aspire to achieve any big in life? I simply don’t think a competitive drive is a necessary trait to lead a fulfilling life. There is no position I crave, no lofty goal I seek to surmount, and no glory I would fight for. All I really want is to be happy, and decent, and kind (still working on them though). To touch the lives of those around me, no matter how small or insignificant my actions are deemed to be.

Is it strange that I have no ambition…?