Is it strange that I don’t aspire to achieve any big in life? I simply don’t think a competitive drive is a necessary trait to lead a fulfilling life. There is no position I crave, no lofty goal I seek to surmount, and no glory I would fight for. All I really want is to be happy, and decent, and kind (still working on them though). To touch the lives of those around me, no matter how small or insignificant my actions are deemed to be.

Is it strange that I have no ambition…? 

Summertime Madness

My 6-months long vacation concluded with a flurry of activities that surprisingly became the best part of summer, simply because of the new and amazing people that I’ve met.

I promised myself that I would step out of my comfort zone (basically a solitary and small space where I myself dwelled in) for this new journey ahead and I think it has been a good start. Being around people still makes me uncomfortable, but at least I no longer resent the feeling like I used to in the past. And I have met a few like-minded individuals whom I could click well with. 

The start of school will be a true measure of the people who stay, and the people I wave goodbye at along the hallways, but nonetheless I’m so grateful to the people who have made summer so memorable in different ways. 

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